For decades, Allegheny Surface Technology has provided New York State with industry leading, high quality metal surface finishing with unmatched attention to detail. We are very customer service oriented in addition to our services. We do this because we understand the importance of our service to others and recognize that a partnership relies heavily on each other. With these understandings comes high quality finishing, excellent workmanship, and a high level of commitment and dedication to our partners.

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When you choose us for your metal surface finishing needs, there are a few immediate advantages. One being, we do all kinds of metal surface finishing on our site or yours, allowing you to save time and reduce costs if you need several kinds of metal finishing. If you need electropolishing, passivation, pickling, mechanical polishing, or vessel inspection, in some combination, choosing Allegheny Surface Technology provides you with high quality results.

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If you’ve ever considered electropolishing for your stainless steel products or parts – or you’re currently using another electropolishing service – Allegheny Surface Technology has an irresistible offer for you. We’ll electropolish any one part or product for you at no charge (shipping not included). Learn more >

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If you are in New York and need metal surface finishing experts, rely on Allegheny Surface Technology. Please browse the rest of our site for more information on our processes, quality assurance, technical information, and news about our company. We are just past the border of New York State, please see our driving directions here.

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