Find the high quality metal surface finishing you’ve been looking for with Allegheny Surface Technology. Available to those all across Pennsylvania, Allegheny Surface Technology provides excellent workmanship, high quality product and service, and dedication to our patterns and clients.

Our Metal Finishing Services:
  • Electropolishing
  • Passivation
  • Pickling
  • Mechanical polishing
  • Vessel inspection

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At Allegheny Surface Technology, not only can you count on exceptional results but you can expect several other advantages from our team. Led by a customer-oriented philosophy, we put our clients at the center of our work. You can also expect efficiency and quick access to a variety of services on both our site and yours.

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If you’re considering electropolishing for your stainless steel products, talk with Allegheny Surface Technology. We’ll electropolish any one part or product for you for no charge (excluding shipping) as a trial to see just how great our metal finishing service is. Find out more here.

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If you’re in Pennsylvania and are looking for a team to complete your metal finishing, look no further than Allegheny Surface Technology. Browse the rest of our site for more information on our processes, quality assurance, technical information and news about our company. Contact our team today for more information and to request a quote.

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