Allegheny Surface Technology (AST) can pickle passivate inside or outside a tank, depending on the size of your product.

Pickling or chemical descaling is but one of several pretreatment steps available for preparing an article for further processing such as passivation or electropolishing, or to perform a superior cleaning operation on welded structures.

Pickling is the chemical cleaning of metallic surfaces in order to remove impurities, stains or scale with an acidic solution. Allegheny Surface Technology uses pickling solutions consisting of nitric and hydrofluoric acids to remove the scale and underlying chromium depleted layers to restore the corrosion resistance of stainless steel.

pickling: before and after of a vessel.
Pickling of a tank: Before and After

Allegheny Surface Technology is also capable of performing localized pickling services. For those applications, pickling pastes are used to treat selected areas such as welds. Examples are parts that just need welds cleaned up or parts which have other than stainless steel components as part of the assembly.

Our pickling company’s new facility has a containment area for the processing of large components. This enables us to process nearly any part that can be transported to our facility.

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