Electropolishing is an electrochemical process that smoothes the surface by removing the structural peaks on a nanoscopic level (anodic leveling). This enhances the corrosion resistance of austenitic stainless steels, and in some applications also reduces product adhesion and contamination buildup. Electropolishing may also be used for deburring and dulling sharp edges. The result is often a lustrous and reflective finish.

Electropolishing: Cones - Before and After.
Before and after images of an item that was electropolished.

Advantages Of Electropolishing

electopolished bio reactor tank.
Electopolished bio reactor tank
  • ELECTROPOLISHING decreases the surface roughness without creating directional lines and creates a lustrous surface. Corrosion resistance will be improved by removing contaminants introduced to the surface during the manufacturing process and handling of the part. Electropolishing also leaves a nickel-chromium enriched surface layer that enhances the metallic properties of stainless allowing the protective oxide layer to form.
  • EASE OF CLEANING By attacking the high points, electropolishing levels the surface of the material; thereby reducing unwanted product adhesion and contamination build-up. Therefore, cleaning can be performed more efficiently and effectively.
  • ELECTROPOLISHING has been proven to reduce bacterial biofilm build-up, appearance of rouging.
  • DE-BURRING Electropolishing is well suited for de-burring. The electropolishing process naturally has greater current densities at high points and less at low points. Due to the higher current densities at the high points, the burrs dissolve at a much faster rate, leading to a smooth clean surface.
  • AESTHETICS Through proper electropolishing, the microscopic surface becomes smooth and clean, containing a nickel-chromium enriched surface that results in a lustrous finish. This facilitates a visual inspection, since any remaining imperfections will be magnified.

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