Mechanical Polishing

Stainless steel is known for its corrosion resistance and durability, but it is not immune to imperfections. Surface scratches, weld marks, and other contaminants can compromise the integrity of the material and hinder its performance. Mechanical polishing is a process that can effectively remove these imperfections, resulting in a smooth and flawless surface. By eliminating surface irregularities, the corrosion resistance of the material is enhanced. This is especially vital in industries where hygiene and cleanability are paramount, such as the food and beverage industry and pharmaceuticals. Mechanical polishing ensures that stainless steel components meet the highest standards of cleanliness, making them suitable for use in critical applications.

Mechanical Polishing Capabilities

Allegheny Surface Technology (AST) employs experienced and highly skilled craftsmen who have the training and certification to perform at any facility.

Our state of the art polishing facility and equipment enable us to consistently achieve your surface requirements, as fine as single digit Ra readings. We are able to work on OEM parts as well as refurbished used vessels and equipment in-house and on-site.

Allegheny Surface Technology can also perform compound – free mechanical polishing services, a requirement in several pharmaceutical applications.

The techniques available are:

  • Abrasive belt polishing
  • Abrasive wheel polishing including nylon, flap and combination wheels
  • Automated and hand polishing equipment
  • Custom machinery for OD and ID polishing of tubular work pieces.

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