5 Reasons Why Choosing the Right Electropolishing Company Matters

Exceptional standards, customer service, and workmanship make all the difference.

Every discipline has its exemplars and its “wannabes”. But how do you tell the difference between them? Here are five useful indicators that can help you distinguish the cream of the crop in electropolishing companies from those for whom polishing stainless steel is not exactly a core discipline.

  1. Customer service: You can tell a lot about a company by how they answer the phone when you call. Too often we’re greeted by auto-attendants, which possess all the personality and sensitivity of a sponge. When a company demonstrates from your very first contact that they care enough to invest in a real person to interact with you and get you what you need, that’s a strong indicator that customer service is among their top priorities.
  2. Workmanship: Of course, you could be dealing with the nicest people on earth…who nevertheless lack the competence to do your job right. Now, we’re not saying that we’re the only ones who can properly electropolish your critical instruments and metal surfaces. But Allegheny Surface Technology has, over the course of decades, perfected its chemistry and electrical current distribution targets to exacting standards that result in consistent, repeatable results. In fact, our Process Control Plans allow us to reliably handle every job – for small parts or large vessels – either at our facility or at your site.
  3. Quick turnaround: Electropolishing and other surface finishing methods are usually the last steps in a manufacturing process that may have been months or years in development. In our view, this means that quick turnaround is essential to completing the project on-time and within budget. We get it, and this is why Allegheny Surface boasts the capacity to run multiple electropolishing lines on all two shifts. This enables us to turn around most electropolishing projects (and most orders) in just 5-7 days.
  4. Quality assurance: Three words: Quality Assurance Protocols. We look at this as an extension of our workmanship commitment, and we don’t just claim it; we guarantee it. Whether our electropolishing services are performed in our clean facility or on-site at your operation, our detailed procedures, stringent guidelines, and continuous monitoring ensure superior results. For more details, see our Quality Assurance page.
  5. A superior level of commitment, and dedication to the end product: Okay. So maybe electropolishing steel isn’t the most glamorous thing in the world, but that’s no excuse to do a job that literally lacks luster, particularly when corrosion or a poor finish bleed money from your operation. Time after time and in project after project, Allegheny Surface Technology delivers electropolishing results that translate into superior aesthetics, cleanability, and process control.

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Allegheny Surface Technology is your trusted provider of high-performance, ASTM and BPE compliant electropolishing, pickling, mechanical polishing, and passivation services. Specializing in both in-house and on-site stainless steel surface refinishing/refurbishment services, AST assures both the quality and reliability of our services through multi-step Quality Assurance and inspection protocols.