Corrosion Resistance and Chemical Passivation

Passivation of stainless steel is the chemical process that removes free iron from its surface for the purpose of enhancing corrosion resistance. Allegheny Surface Technology (AST) offers either citric or nitric acid passivation based on your specific requirements. Steel Passivation creates a chromium rich surface which can form an invisible inert (passive) oxide layer as soon as it is exposed to an oxygen-containing environment (air).

Stainless passivation will not change the appearance of the metal. If the stainless has been heat treated or welded, the resulting scale or discoloration must be removed by either abrasive methods or by pickling. When AST passivates stainless it will not cause any change to the surface roughness. To verify the effectiveness of the passivation process, Allegheny Surface Technology applies either saline or ferroxyl testing to ensure successful passivation. The highest form of passivation is electropolishing.

AST can handle almost any size and shape parts. If you can’t send it to us, we will come to you. We passivate vessels, pipes, tubing, manifolds, enclosures, frames, and architectural components, just to name a few. Have more questions? Feel free to contact one of our stainless passivation specialists by calling (866) 266-9293, or Request a Quote right here on our website.

Allegheny Surface Technology is your trusted provider of high-performance, ASTM and BPE compliant electropolishing, pickling, mechanical polishing, and passivation services. Specializing in both in-house and on-site stainless steel surface refinishing/refurbishment services, AST assures both the quality and reliability of our services through multi-step Quality Assurance and inspection protocols.