Critical Services Performed On-Site At Two Large Biotechnology Companies

Recently Allegheny Surface Technology performed critical services On-Site at two large Biotechnology companies. The services and benefits are as follows:

» AST performed de-rouging and passivation on exterior surfaces of the customer supplied stainless steel equipment. The work was performed on a variety of parts including tanks, mezzanines, skids systems, countertops, benches, etc.  These services help prevent any cross-contamination from the exterior of the equipment to get into the product being produced and prolong the life and visual appeal of the equipment.

» Mechanically polished and passivated the interior of a parts washer. This service prolongs the life of the equipment.

» Mechanical polished five tanks to remove scratches and returned the interior surface to a required 20Ra or less. This process was followed by electropolishing and citric passivation of all interior surfaces. These services brought the tanks back to a better standard for operation and allowed the customer to visually inspect abnormalities in the tanks.

» Multiple code weld repairs consisting of the following:

» A tank alteration project to modify a large 10,000-gallon WFI holding tank. The WFI tank alteration project consisted of adding seven different size ports to a pressure-rated tank with an insulated jacket, ports ranged from 2” up to 6”. The modifications to the WFI tank allowed a central distribution to the whole facility. The additional ports were necessary to add distribution loops.

» Hinge repair for a manway. The Hinge repair was to prevent the manway lid from breaking off and causing an injury. A stopper was also installed to prevent the lid from opening too far.

» Repaired a leak on an autoclave. The repair on the autoclave ensures the pressure in the steam jacket and the heat in the autoclave are easily maintained.

At Allegheny Surface Technology, we recognize the importance of these critical services to our customers. We are aware that this is a partnership that relies heavily on each other, and when executed to its fullest potential, will ensure a successful future for both parties.

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