Allegheny Surface Technology is Your One-Stop Stainless Steel Service Shop!

Most stainless steel service providers offer a variety of services within their core disciplines, but few are able to offer a complete line of services from A to Z. We often hear from our newest customers about the challenges they had in finding one provider that doesn’t simply specialize in one or two services, but can handle everything from  single refurbishment to a complex project involving equipment that can’t be torn down and sent off-site.

If you’ve dealt with this dynamic, you know that working with multiple service providers can often lead to problems with managing your project, hitting your delivery timelines or occasionally, with the equipment itself.

Working with a one-stop shop means that you have a single point of communication. This allows you to develop a consistent dialog and a reliable relationship that delivers high-quality, on-time component services with each engagement.

Conversely, working with multiple suppliers to accomplish the same thing adds layers of complexity. This can have significant knock-on effects that hamper the flow of your project, unnecessarily inflate your costs, introduce the risks of variability and uncertainty and potentially compromise the quality of your final results.


  1. The time, cost and inconvenience of creating multiple POs for various suppliers. Remember, your time costs money, too!
  2. Fully vetting those suppliers to ensure they are properly-certified, and that they have a track record of delivering compliant (and safe) results
  3. More suppliers on-site means more safety training, in addition to the time and resources that go along with it, on your part
  4. Risk of delay in the event of accident, personnel issues or equipment failures that cascade through the remainder of the project
  5. Risk of injury from personnel attempting to make up for lost time

Every business seeks to operate as efficiently as possible, either by saving time, improving efficiency, reducing production costs, or a combination of these things.

In simplest terms, it’s more efficient, faster, more cost-effective and safer for a single, highly-qualified and experienced provider – a one-stop shop – to manage your stainless steel refinishing projects, instead of coordinating them on your own. Moreover, coordinated project management through a single point-of contact means that you are able to improve your own personal efficiency, freeing you to concentrate on more critical aspects of your business.

By choosing Allegheny Surface Technology as your one-stop stainless steel service shop for all of your surface finishing needs, you get coordinated project management, in addition to turnkey services for electropolishing, passivation, pickling, mechanical polishing, and vessel or tank repair.  We pride ourselves on efficient and professional work habits, and we have a solid track record of delivering compliant, certified and safe results on-time. We are passionate about helping our customers find a better, faster, and higher overall value solution.

Experience the difference of working with a one-stop shop and request a quote for your project, today.

Allegheny Surface Technology is your trusted provider of high-performance, ASTM and BPE compliant electropolishing, pickling, mechanical polishing, and passivation services. Specializing in both in-house and on-site stainless steel surface refinishing/refurbishment services, AST assures both the quality and reliability of our services through multi-step Quality Assurance and inspection protocols.